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Are your property taxes too high?
Due to the recent fall in real estate values as a property owner you will likely be eligible to receive a considerable reduction in your property assessed value. That is especially true if you bought your property in the last 5 years. Our free initial analysis will determine whether your taxes are too high and thus can be brought down.

Are you owed a property tax reduction?
As property values continue to drop property owners such as yourself are over-assessed on their value. This probable over-assessment would indicate you are also overpaying your property taxes. If your home is currently valued less than what you bought it for you may be eligible for significant decrease in property taxes. California’s Prop 8 allows for temporary reduction in assessed value when a property suffers a decline in value. California Property Tax Advisors works with property owners to help reduce their assessed property taxes based on fair market value of their property for the tax year in question.

Do you have time to fill out paper forms and then negotiate with tax appraisers?
California Property Tax Advisors will file all necessary paperwork on your behalf, on time and in the most effective and complete manner. We will perform detailed analysis and submit all supporting evidence to the county’s appraiser to make the most appealing case in your favor. We will then engage the appraiser in negotiation with the goal of lowering your assessed property value and thus your property taxes to properly reflect fair market value.

Do you have time to go before an appeals board?
Like most property owners you probably can't find enough hours in a day, to search and locate the data necessary, find comparable real estate information, let alone the time to go before an Appeals Board.  Should negotiations with the county appraiser fail to produce desired results, California Property Tax Advisors will take on the assessment appeals board so you don’t have to. Our goal is to get you the maximum refund, consistent with the fair market value of your property.

Why California Property Tax Advisors?
The Property Tax Assessment process can often be drawn out, monotonous, and confusing. Furthermore it requires access to real estate data and understanding of appraisal methodology.  California Property Tax Advisors has the experience in filing appeals to provide you with results. You hire a professional to do your income taxes, so why not do the same for your property taxes?  Whether it is a house, or a condo, you will have a greater chance of reduction and at a higher amount with this experienced, dedicated team in your corner.

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