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Welcome to California Property Tax Advisors!

At California Property Tax Advisors, our goal is to never lose sight of our mission statement "We Save Our Clients Money." It is a simple statement, but achieving it takes dedication and commitment by our trained professionals.

With the recent reduction in real estate values across the country, many homeowners and real estate investors are paying property taxes that are based on inflated real estate values. These substantial declines in real estate values, have especially impacted the California real estate market, which has experienced anywhere from 20% to 40% reduction in property values in the last several years. As a result of this reduction of property values across California, many homeowners and real estate investors are paying excessive property taxes, however, these property owners have the ability to appeal their property tax assessment and reduce their property taxes.

Tax assessors have the obligation to adjust real estate assessments so the assessments are consistent with the decreased values of the real estate, however, there is building pressure to limit the number of real estate reassessments that would represent the true fair market value of the properties, while they are statutorily obligated to do so. Because of this increased pressure and the reduced property values impacting California, property owners are unsuspectingly and unnecessarily paying too much on their property taxes.

California Property Tax Advisors specializes in appealing property taxes on behalf of owners of residential real estate in Southern California. CPTA works diligently and closely with each of our clients to ensure that they get the largest possible reduction in assessed property taxes, to reflect the true market value of the property.

We thoroughly evaluate the different forms of review provided by California law in relation to our clients’ position and will pursue the option or options that will most likely maximize any potential savings. Our staff is fully prepared to represent you through each stage of the process of reducing your property taxes. We work based on contingency contracts which means there are no upfront payments and we only get paid if we save you money. Furthermore, the contingency contract provides us with an incentive to maximize our clients’ savings as we get paid commensurate to the savings that we’re able to drive for our clients.

It's time to save money and stop paying inflated property taxes that don’t reflect a fair current market value of your property! Call us today!

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